• Producer:  Kinga and Lloyd Byrne
  • Product: Cooley Garlic
  • Location:  Cooley, Co Louth

Products for Sale/Buy Cooley Garlic:

Cooley Garlic Special   €8.00 (10 Bulbs of Cooley Garlic)

Pack of 3 Bulbs               €3.00

Individual Bulbs             €1.00

Cooley Garlic is grown on the wild and beautiful Cooley Peninsula by myself and my husband.   Together with our daughters we hand sow, grow and harvest our gourmet quality garlic on our small artisan farm in the Cooley mountains.

Long hours are put in by all members of our family to bring the highest quality fresh garlic to our customers. The garlic seeds are sown in late Autumn and carefully tended to all Winter long to ensure that come Spring and Summer the garlic grows large flavoursome bulbs.

There is a real feeling of cottage industry about Cooley Garlic when we are all sitting together in the fields on a long Summer evening, cleaning and plaiting the Garlic bulbs ready for the market.

Our Cooley Garlic can be enjoyed raw in a salad or cooked with any dish or soup, giving your meal a wonderfully fresh flavour.  We hope you enjoy eating our locally produced Cooley Garlic as much as we enjoy growing it at home on our family farm.

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