• Producer:  Iain Brown-Hovelt
  • Product: Jams, Preserves, Cordials, Chutneys, Syrups
  • Location:  Ravensdale, Co Louth

Products for Sale/Buy Drumnasilla Products:

Apple and Date Chutney           €6.00 (200g jar)

Apple and Walnut Chutney      €6.00 (200g jar)

Mango Chutney                           €6.00 (200g jar)

Beetroot and Ginger Chutney    €6.00 (200g jar)

Red Tomato Chutney              €6.00 (200g jar)

Lemon Curd                                 €6.00 (200g jar)

Lime Curd                                    €6.00 (200g jar)

Lemon and Lime Curd              €11.00 (2x200g jars)

Old Irish Marrow Chutney with Whiskey €6.00 (200g jar)

Red Grapefruit Marmalade      €6.00 (300g jar)

Wild Damson Jelly                       €6.00 (300g jar)

Plum Jam                                        €6.00 (300g jar)

Blackcurrant Jam                           €6.00 (300g jar)

Xtra Hot Red Relish                   €8.00 (300g jar)

Xtra Hot Apple Chilli Jelly        €8.00 (300g jar)

Apple Jelly                                    €3.50 (4oz jar)

Spiced Apple Jelly                       €3.50 (4oz jar)

Rosehip Syrup                             €6.00 (250ml)

Spiced Elderflower Syrup         €6.00 (250ml)

Wild Blackberry and Apple Jelly €3.50 (120g jar)

Spiced Elderflower and Apple Jelly €3.50 (120g jar)

Redcurrant and Gooseberry Jelly  €3.50 (120g jar)

Gooseberry and Elderflower Jam  €6.00 (300g jar)

Cider Jelly with Elderflower            €3.50 (120g jar)

Wild Damson Coulis                         €3.50 (120g jar)

Red Onion Chutney                          €6.00 (200g jar)

Crab Apple Jelly                                €3.50 (120g jar)

Red Grapefruit Marmalade with Whiskey €6.00 (300g jar)

Carrot and Garlic Chutney               €6.00 (200g jar)

Iain Brown-Hovelt produces his range of Drumnasilla products in the beautiful countryside of Ravensdale, Co Louth.

Drumnasilla offer an extensive range of homemade food products with something for everyone’s taste.  Whether you are looking for a sweet tasting jam for your morning toast, a savoury chutney or relish to accompany a meal or a cordial to enjoy and cool down with on Summer evening, Drumnasilla will have the product for you.

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