At Oriel we use our patented technology to harvest the ocean for its natural and pure mineral sea salt. Nobody argues about the benefits of sea salt but here at Oriel we have taken this a step further. Ours is a non-oxidised mineral sea salt.

Oriel was established in 2010 to identify and develop an Eco Friendly and energy efficient means of extracting and harvesting the powerful nutrients present in sea water.

We began commercial production in November 2013 and began a journey that would lead and shape us in ways very different to those we first imagined.

We are located on one of the world’s most beautiful and mesmerizing coastal headlands with the mountains of Mourne in the distance. This is the exact point of impact of one of the world’s greatest seismic events. A collission of continents resulting in the actual formation of the Island of Ireland.

We are dedicated to building solid and long term relationships with our clients and to working with them to improve and formulate our products to meet their requirements, specifications and exacting standards of our industry.

Through patented technology we extract huge volumes of deep sea water each day. This passes through a series of micro filtration systems before it is ready evaporation, separation and concentration technology. We harvest a “Living Ocean” for its mineral and micro-nutrient resource using proprietary technology that is organic approved and sustainability certified.

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