The crop!

It’s definitely time for the garden update! The summer is finally in the full swing and so is our garden🙂

We have definitely feel that there is much more work this year as we decided to enlarge the garden slightly.I have to say that it takes some time to adjust to the fact that you have the veg in the garden and that you
don’t need to buy as much weekly! Bur we seem to be doing much better than last year!

The most successful crops so far are;


20150622_180226 wpid-20150522_192435.jpg
We have been quite good using it this year, loads of fresh salads made. Frnakly we had a bit of help, as my parents came over and used the garden to the fullest – which was fantastic! Overall, we have definitely learnt from last year experience and manage the quantity much better this year.


wpid-20150503_103811.jpg wpid-20150419_142540.jpg
Crop of radish has been very successful also. Personally I don’t like radish on its own and use it mainly for salads, nice addition and lovely peppery taste.


wpid-20150425_163440.jpg wpid-20150522_195505.jpg
Asparagus was a real surprise. As any newbies we didn’t fully know what to expect but we were lucky to enjoy over 2 months of gradual asparagus crop. The most difficult part is to cut them on time before they become
too big and starchy and then stop cutting them in June just as you got used to having it every other day.

We are still waiting for our new bettrot, potatoes, cabbage, spring onions and of course Garlic!

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